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Excited to swap stickers and meet new people worldwide! I've been swapping stamps for many years on the sister sites to this one. (Same user ID)

I use stickers on envelopes, as small tuck-in gifts to pen pals and in cards or with other swaps, like ATCs. I also use them in something like scrapbooking for my different stamp collections. (I have a mail ministry and mostly I need them for that.)

The list below is just for suggestion, not demands. I bet I can use almost any stickers that are brightly colored, cheerful and make people smile! I'm fine with individual stickers or sheets. Sheets appropriate for children would also be welcome!

Some of my favorite themes and things, and the most useful, are;

arctic/tundra/sub-arctic/polar and antarctic animals, sea mammals, birds and flowers. (any animals shown in snow and white animals too please) (polar bears are my favorite, followed by, in no particular order, arctic rabbit, arctic squirrel, arctic fox, snowshoe hare, arcticf lemming, snowy owl, beluga whale, seal (any), sea lion, penguins and so on

Words of faith and inspiration, bible verses

love, hearts


get well soon, speedy recovery

Pink and pink-purple flowers especially like the fuller bushy flowers. cabbage roses, peonies, dahlias, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, mums

Ice hockey

Ancient Egypt

Bees & honey

Disney Xmas, Eeyore, Wind in the Willows, My Melody, Beatrix Potter, Hello Kitty, Kawaii Summikko, Riakkuma & Honey Bear, any of the white or polar bear characters of any kind

Rubber duckies


Arts & Crafts theme


Tea and coffee, hot cocoa

Sweets & treats


Snow globes, snow people, snowflakes


Berries-blackberries, strawberries, blueberries etc and jam/jam making

Movie, book, mystery related

Other animals

Shabby chic, vintage, classic, steampunk, romantic

Please do not send Halloween or dark & creepy ones

If you don't have my wishes, that's okay but I do appreciate the extra effort if you can fulfill them!
I will try very hard to meet other swappers' requests!
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